Porcelain swimming pool tile advantage


Swimming pool tiles are an excellent answer for the homeowner looking for unique, beautiful, and functional pool design. If you're tired of scratching your toes on rough concrete surfaces and staring at the same boring blue pool, glazed porcelain or pool tiles might be just what the doctor ordered.

No Barriers But Your Imagination
The reasons for choosing to tile your pool are many, but far and away the most popular motivation is looks. Since swimming pool tiles can be glazed any color and laid in any pattern, the design possibilities for your pool are literally endless. Be it traditional decorative patterns or more elaborate murals and mosaic pool tiles, your imagination is the only thing standing in your way.
Get Your Head Out of the Water!
Don't limit yourself to just the pool shell if you're considering tile. Elaborate borders, edges and surrounds are all candidates for a beautiful tile project. And if you're looking for that little something extra, think about tiled fountains and above water tile mosaics and murals for you pool area as well.
Not Just for Looks
Of course there's more reasons to choose tile than just appearance. Glazed porcelain mosaics and swimming pool tiles are completely waterproof and long lasting when installed correctly. And they're frost proof, too, making them a great product for just about any climate. Finally, if you've ever stubbed your toe on a rough concrete surface, you can imagine how nice a smooth porcelain surface feels underfoot, even with the sometimes jagged design of mosaic pool tiles. About the only drawback for swimming pool tiles is that they can be slick at times, so make sure to enforce the "walk don't run" rule if your pool is frequented by little ones.
Hiring and experienced tile installer to do your work for you is a good idea for a number reasons. For one, this isn't a small project. Hiring an expert is the difference between a tiling project that lasts a few weeks and one that could drag on for months. Also, anytime you're installing tile in an area where water is present, it's best to talk to a professional to make sure you won't be dealing with multiple forms of water damage in the not too distant future. And, of course, there's staying power. Swimming pool tiles can easily start dropping off in a few years or less if not installed correctly using the right materials. That being the case, you don't just want to hire a professional, but you also want to check references and qualifications of prospective hires to make sure you're getting someone who knows what they're doing.Whether you're building a new pool or looking to spruce up the one you've already got, you can't go wrong when it comes to installing new tile in your swimming pool area.

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