The benefits of swimming pool tiles


Benefits of Tiles
Lining a pool with tiles has long been regarded as the premium finish for swimming pools. Tiles are regarded highly due to their appearance and superior durability. On a practical level, they are easier to clean than cement based rendered surfaces such as pebblecrete used in concrete pools and require less maintenance.


Benefits of Fully Tiling a Pool
Fully tiling a pool is certainly regarded as the premium finish for concrete pools. Tiles are extremely durable as well as offering almost limitless design choices. They look fantastic, are easy to maintain and most importantly are gentle on your feet due to their silky smoothness. There are two main types of swimming pool tiles commonly employed. These are glazed porcelain mosaics and glass mosaics.
Glazed porcelain mosaic tiles are becoming increasingly popular for swimming pools, spas and water features. Porcelain mosaics offer a better quality choice than traditional glass mosaics and provide visual effects such as kiln, color fading and natural pattern that simply aren’t available when using glass tiles. Their small size complements the modern finishes used in today’s homes.


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